What if I'm pregnant and need a dental radiograph examination?

A radiograph may be needed for dental treatment that can’t wait until after the baby is born. Because untreated dental infections can pose a risk to the fetus, dental treatment may be necessary to maintain the health of the mother and child. Radiation exposure resulting from dental X-rays is low. However, every precaution is taken to ensure that radiation exposure is As Low As Reasonable Achievable (the ALARA principle). A leaded apron minimizes exposure to the abdomen and should be used when any dental radiograph is taken. Also, a leaded thyroid collar can protect the thyroid from radiation, and should also be used whenever possible. The use of a leaded thyroid collar is recommended for women of childbearing age, pregnant women and children. Dental X-ray exams do not need to be delayed if you are trying to become pregnant or are breast feeding.
Source: ADA

Is amalgam safe to use for dental fillings?

Many of you may wonder if amalgam is a safe option for dental fillings. As recently discussed on the show "The Doctors", amalgam is believed by some medical professionals to be the cause of some neurological problems. However, "the FDA and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society do not believe there is a link between amalgam and MS based on available scientific evidence."

The American Dental Association still stands behind amalgam as a safe and durable material. If you'd like further reading, please click below to read the entire ADA postion on amalgam.
Statement on Dental Amalgam